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General Terms & Conditions


I. General

  1. What follows is valid for the site run by Tipico Co. Ltd (hereinafter, “Tipico”), entered in the Register of Companies on 13.07.2004 under the registration number C 34286 with its registered office in Portomaso Business Tower, St. Julian's STJ 4011, Malta. Tax Code and VAT no. 97621640156 (hereinafter "Tipico"), under Grant No. GAD. 15242 for remote operation of the public games, attributed by the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (hereinafter the "AAMS") following the procedure for releasing the license for the operation of remote public gambling referred to in Article 24, paragraph 13, letter a) of the Law of 7 July 2009, n. 88.Tipico remote sports book offer is operated directly by Tipico.
  2. Tipico operates the website and domain (hereinafter, the “Website”). Tipico can use other country-specific domains for calling the website.
  3. All bets placed on the website are operated, held, accepted, placed and processed by Tipico in connection with the central system of the AAMS. Tipico and the betting customer are the only parties involved in each Game Account Agreement.
  4. In order to place a bet with Tipico, the customer must agree to these General Terms and Conditions and to the Game Account Agreement.
  5. Tipico reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions. The user is responsible to remain informed on the currently valid provisions. Tipico recommends that users print out these GT&C and all future transactional data in order to avoid misunderstandings and disputes at a later stage.
  6. It is possible that all or some residents of certain countries are prohibited to access the website. Tipico does not intend that people living in countries where such activities are illegal use the website for betting or other purposes. The website should not be regarded as an offer, advertisement or invitation from Tipico to use or source bets or other services in those jurisdictions where such activities are illegal.
  7. The customer is responsible to inform himself about the applicable laws in his place of residence.
  8. The customer must ensure that when using the website he acts as an individual customer and/or when betting on the website acts within the laws of his own jurisdiction. Tipico cannot be held responsible for any violation of local laws on the part of the customer.
  9. Bets placed on behalf or to the account of bookmakers or betting agents and their employees are not accepted.
  10. Bets on sporting events in which the customer is involved (e.g. participating sportsmen, owners, trainers or officials of a participating association) are not permitted.
  11. Tipico is free to:
    • reject applications for accounts without providing a reason
    • limit the stake on individual bets
    • limit the stake of individual customers
  12. In compliance with the Game Account Agreement provisions, Tipico reserves the right to close an existing account without providing a reason. In such an event the customer will receive notification of the remaining balance on the account. The betting customer shall be excluded forthwith in the case of fraud or attempted fraud when placing a bet.
  13. Tipico complies with the service levels established by the AAMS and is not liable for transmission errors not included in the service levels with regard to betting data and results. Tipico engages third parties for its services that have also contractually excluded Tipico from any liability. Therefore there are absolutely no claims for compensation due to said transmission errors, delays, or the misuse or manipulation of data during transmission via the Internet or for other errors occurring during transmission of data and results which are over and above those detailed in the service levels described in the Game Account Agreement (Click here for more information) and in the Charter of Service. (Click here for more information).
  14. The customer is not entitled to transfer or pledge receivables against Tipico either gratuitously or non-gratuitously.
  15. Tipico assumes no liability whatsoever if a betting account is misused by unauthorised persons entering the username and password. The betting customer is responsible to keep his username and password secret; all account transactions, deposits and payouts are made to the customer’s account when the username and password are entered.
  16. To correspond with our security rules, the password must consist of not less than 8 characters. It may contain upper and lower case characters, special characters and digits, but no umlauts. The password must not be similar to other user data, e.g. first name or city.
  17.  In addition to the conditions of the license granted and relevant service levels, Tipico assumes no liability for input, transmission and/or evaluation errors. In particular, Tipico reserves the right to make corrections if obvious errors occurred when entering betting odds and/or evaluating betting results (e.g. typing errors, incorrect match pairing, obvious mix-ups with regard to odds, incorrect handicaps, obviously wrong number of goals for over/under bets) – also after the event – or to declare the bets concerned to be invalid in accordance with the central system of the AAMS. Tipico also does not assume any guarantee that the information services made available are correct, complete or up-to-date, e.g. odds lists or Livescore. Only the amount confirmed and displayed by Tipico is considered the wager in accordance with AAMS central system.
  18.  If the calculation or booking of winnings is incorrect, Tipico has the right to make corrections in accordance with the central system of the AAMS. The bet is then calculated with the correct odds and in the case of a win, paid out with the corrected odds. Incorrectly credited winnings must be paid back.
  19. If one of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions should be invalid, wholly or in part, the other provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and the Game Account Agreement remains unaffected. If individual provisions are invalid, the content of the Game Account Agreement replacing this provision will comply with the legal regulations that come closest to the invalid provision.

II. Opening an Account / Account

  1. General
    By opening a betting account/deposit account the betting customer declares that he:
    1. is 18 years or older,
    2. is not a restricted person with respect to business activities,
    3. does not use funds gained through criminal activities,
    4. is opening the account for personal use and has no commercial intentions,
    5. is aware of the current General Terms and Conditions of Tipico, the Game Account Agreement and the data protection agreement and expressly accepts them.
  2. To bet with Tipico the customer needs to register as a user on our website and open a personal account, electronically signing the Game Account Agreement and the notification of data protection notice to participate in remote gambling, . The agreement is made by filling out a form with your correct personal details, e-mail, the fiscal Code, the username and password you chose.

    With the signing of the Game Account Agreement a non-interest bearing personal gaming account will be opened. This will allow you to have free access to the services needed to use the website in the manner and the terms of the regulations provided by the AAMS.
    We will verify the accuracy of your personal data as well as your age. It is forbidden for minors to open an account. Tipico accepts no responsibility for incorrect and / or incomplete information provided by the customer. The customer also agrees to update this information in a timely manner should there be any changes to their personal data provided.
  3. Once registered you will proceed to send a digital colour photo of a valid form of identification showing your address of residence, chosen from:
    • Identity Card;
    • Driver's license (Plastic version);
    • Passport;
  4. In case the above documentation is not fully readable or does not match with the data inserted, Tipico reserves the right to request a digital colour photo of a valid form of another identification document among the ones listed under 3. or a notarised copy of ID document showing address of residence.
  5. If an account is opened and found to be in breach of the General Terms and Conditions specified in section IV.1 or the Game Account Agreement, Tipico will freeze the account and a Court of Italy may make an application to confiscate the funds contained in this account.
  6. Tipico treats all accounts in the strictest confidence. An obligation to disclose can only be effected by the competent authorities.
  7. The customer may direct all questions with regard to his betting account through the contact form on the website or to the following address
  8. The usual currency is the Euro. The customer is not entitled to select any other currency for the customer account.
  9. Minors
    Italian law prohibits minors from betting and gambling activities where money is staked. For this reason, at the time of registration, we ask you to tell us your date of birth and confirm your age. We also check electronic age verification for all users who use payment methods.
  10. Deposits and limits losses
    During the registration phase the customer will need to enter, by law, the maximum limits of deposit for a given period of time, these settings will be activated immediately. By logging in to your personal gaming account, you always have the possibility to set upper limits of bets, losses daily, weekly and monthly that you can change at any time. Any increase in bet limits will be activated after 7 days as per AAMS regulations. You can find this function in the ‘My Personal Details’ section of the website.
  11. Each user may only operate one account. A user already registered is forbidden to register again under another name or with another email address. In the case of violation against this condition and in the case of suspected fraud bets already made may be retrospectively reversed and booked betting bonuses scratched. The terms of fraud, collusion as stated in the Game Account Agreement may apply.
  12. Organised Betting
    Customers must place their bets as individual persons. Should one or more customers try to place the same bet several times, their bets can be reversed. This rule may also be applied to already evaluated bets, if Tipico suspects that several customers have formed a syndicate or the respective bets have been placed repeatedly by one or several customers or the bets have been worked out together. In this event Tipico retains the right to freeze the funds contained in the account and to revert to the AAMS and other competent authorities.
  13. It is the betting customer’s responsibility to immediately report any amount erroneously credited to his account. Any winnings from an error are null and void regardless of how they occurred.
  14. A bet is only confirmed when it is validated by the AAMS and showed up in the customer's betting account under "my bets".
  15. At Tipico’s discretion, it will pay the customer a bonus for fulfilling certain criteria. The criteria determined at the time of placing the bet apply. The customer will find these on newsletters, on the Internet or sent by email. The bonus granted will be automatically credited to the betting account.
  16. The customer must independently set limits for his bets and loss for his betting account according to self-limitations tools present on the website . The corresponding settings can be carried out in the area "My Personal data". Reductions in limits will become active immediately; increases in limits will only become active following a delay of seven days in accordance with the AAMS regulations.
  17. The customer must open a betting account on the Tipico webite to gain access to a betting account.
    1. The customer is responsible for keeping his username and password secret. Tipico assumes no liability for bets placed by third parties that gain access to this information.
    2. Deposits and payouts of the funds associated with the betting account can be transferred via various payment systems such as credit cards, bank transfers and others. The processing of bank transfers generally takes less than 7 working days.
    3. All payments made by Tipico are made through secure connections so that the unauthorised access by third parties is avoided in the best possible manner.
    4. Tipico will not directly charge any transaction fees. However, costs may be charged by the payment provider (detailed in the area "payment options") on Tipico's website and will be explicitly stated during the payment process.
    5. Tipico reserves the right to add further payment methods or limit or suspend existing ones.
    6. In case of payment provider charge backs, cancellation fees, reverse posting and similar costs that are incurred for payments where the customer supplied incorrect banking details these will be passed on to the customer via their betting account without any charge from Tipico in regard.
    7. If the customer decides to use electronic payment, he excludes any recall or similar actions when the placement order has been performed properly and the EU and national provisions and laws for electronic payment transactions apply.
    8. Tipico is not a financial institution and no interest is paid on any funds, irrespective of the amount, held in the player’s account.
    9. Tipico is bound by law to review customers’ identity in order to prevent issues of fraud, money laundering and under age gambling. Tipico has the right under licence by AAMS.

III. Account information

  1. Every customer can request a report under "Account statement" in the form of a betting account statement at any time. By entering the username and password on the Tipico website all betting transactions for various periods can be displayed and printed out.
  2. Complaints regarding specific bets can only be accepted within 30 days after the bet day/day of placing the bet in accordance with the published service agreement.

IV. Limits on Payouts and Winnings

  1. A limit on winnings of Euros 10,000.00 per (single or multiple) bet applies. A limit on winnings of Euros 50,000.00 applies for system bet, this amount is set by AAMS and may be subject to change.
  2. If there is any suspicion of betting and race manipulation, the AAMS central system in reference to Tipico reserves the right to block payout for the respective race or sporting event until a court of arbitration for sport or an ordinary court decides that neither betting nor race manipulation has occurred in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Without judicial clarification only the stake will be refunded.

V. Deposit-Account Payout

  1. Each pay out request is checked by a Tipico employee and transferred manually. There are no automatic transfers.
  2. All amounts deposited must be played at least once for betting games on All betting winnings can be requested for payout and are withdrawn in compliance with the relevant regulations. Corresponding bonus conditions must be fulfilled.
  3. According to the present GT&C and the Game Account Agreement, the customer may request a payout of the existing balance of his betting account of part thereof at any time, provided that all incoming payments have been confirmed and all amounts deposited have been used at least once for placing bets. The customer informs Tipico of a payout request using the appropriate form on the Internet site. The minimum payout per bank transmission is EUR 25. Lesser amounts can only be paid out by Moneybookers.
  4. Payouts are transferred to a bank account nominated by the customer, which identifies him as the account holder or by crediting the amount to a Moneybookers account. Tipico is entitled to make payouts only to identified customers . If a payout is requested, Tipico on principle reserves the right to withhold this payout until the issuing bank has verified the credit card details within the time period set by law.
  5. Complaints with regard to payouts must be registered within 30 days of the payout request.
  6. Reserves the right to reject a customer's withdrawal request via a particular payment method and require a transfer to the customer's bank account for security reasons/without providing a reason.

VI. Winnings and Determination of Winnings

  1. Winnings on bets with fixed odds are calculated by multiplying the odds with the wager.
  2. Provided the event outcome is certain all bets will be decided and evaluated as soon as AAMS will validate the results, Tipico only accepts the results that occur during or at the end of the event as validated by the AAMS. Any changes that are made after this time have no influence on the evaluation of the betting event unless stated differently by the AAMS.
  3. If a sporting event that was cancelled, interrupted or withdrawn is restarted or continued within the three following days at the same location and start time of the betting event, the stake will apply to the newly restarted/continued betting event. The bet also remains valid if the event is replayed/continued or played within the same timeframe at a neutral venue. If the match is not restarted or continued within the three following days, it will be declared invalid and the wagers will be refunded. League matches or matches within a tournament such as Cup matches that are ended by the referee before normal playing time, will be evaluated according to the final score if the referee declares the match legal with the final whistle and the match is added to the official tables and is not replayed or continued at a later stage, in compliance with AAMS regulations.
  4. If the party on which the bet has been placed does not start regardless of the reasons but the event itself goes ahead the bet has been lost. This applies to all sports bets. If the entire betting event does not take place the bet is refunded; in compliance with AAMS regulations.
  5. For the "goal scorer" type of bet to be valid, the player wagered on must participate in the game at the start of the event, otherwise the bet shall be invalid. Subsequent substitutions shall not be taken into account in this context.
  6. Dead heat: If two or more participants in a sporting event are declared winners, the betting odds will be shared accordingly in compliance with the AAMS regulations.
  7. Any attempt to collude or intent to participate, directly or indirectly, in any collusion scheme in the course of any betting activity is strictly prohibited. Likewise, the use of any aids such as (but not restricted to) scripts, bots or spiders is strictly prohibited.
  8. All transactions are checked for possible money laundering activity. Any suspicious activity on an account could lead to the player being reported to the relevant authorities and freezing of the funds and could also lead to the closure of the account and confiscation of the funds in compliance with the Game Account Agreement provisions.

VII. Placing a bet on

  1. Each time the customer places a bet he acknowledges the validity and acceptance of the existing betting terms and conditions in their valid version. A bet is only accepted when the customer’s betting account contains sufficient funds.
  2. Bets are placed online on the Tipico website. Bets may not be sent to Tipico by mail, fax, email or by any other method. Bets sent to Tipico in such a way are invalid regardless if they have been won or lost.
  3. A bet is concluded as soon as Tipico has sent an electronic confirmation via Internet on right after AAMS central system validation (bet is confirmed).
  4. A bet is invalid if the date and time of placing the bet or the customer’s necessary personal data have verifiably been omitted due to transmission errors. The stake shall be refunded.
  5. Bets that are accepted after the start of the betting event are also declared invalid. This does not apply to live bets.
  6. Tipico determine the time when bets are no longer accepted.
  7. Winnings are automatically credited to the betting account after AAMS central system validation. In individual cases, the credit of winnings may be postponed until the official race report has been published.
  8. The minimum ticket is: EUR 2.00 while minimum stake is of 1 euros. For system the minimum stake per combination is: EUR 0.25.
  9. Combined (Multiple) bets are referred to bets on 2 or more combined events up to a maximum of 14 events or parts of events.
  10. Systemic bets (scommessa/giocata sistemistica) are referred to bets whereby the player can, with one ticket, include more bets among the events and results indicated. The maximum number of events subject matter of the bet within a systemic bet is limited to 20.
  11. Only records made by the AAMS and by Tipico are authoritative in relation to the contents of all bets. On request, Tipico is obliged to present its records. Adjustments can only be made to the betting account to rectify an obvious error or obvious typing or calculating error.

VIII. Betting information

  1. All information offered on the Tipico website and other media on the betting event subject to betting activity is without guarantee. Especially starting times may change without Tipico’s knowledge or may be incorrectly transmitted by third parties.
  2. Tipico is not obligated to make additional information available about the competition (e.g. league, cup or friendly match), about shortened playing times or about the match venue (e.g. neutral venue). If Tipico makes such information available it is without guarantee and has no influence on determining the winnings.
  3. Tipico does not guarantee any information on types of results, statistics, live scores etc. that has been made available unless it is referred to the AAMS official information.

IX. General Betting Rules

  1. Betting Rules established by the AAMS (hereinafter “AAMS Betting Rules”) apply to all types of sport and betting activities.
  2. Sports bets can be made as single, combination (multiple bets) or system bets. Certain types of bets may not be allowed for certain types of sports or events according to AAMS official program which is available on AAMS website.
  3. Ante-post bets
    1. In general ante-post bets are offered for the turnout of a major event (tournament). For example, the bet could be offered in the form of a question:
      1. Which football team will win the world cup?
      2. Who will win the Wimbledon tennis tournament?
      3. Which team will be relegated in the German Bundesliga?
    2. The actual result is based on the last game/event (e.g. final match or last day of play) at midnight (local time of the event). Changes to the result made after this point – regardless of the reason – have no affect on the evaluation of the betting event.
    3. If two or more participants share a particular final position, the rates/odds are divided by the number of participants sharing the position.
  4. Live bets
    1. Live bets are identified by being marked "Live", TOP" or "HT". These bets are explicitly open to betting even after the event has begun. The odds are continually adapted to the current run of play. Since up-to-dateness is of the essence, the live bet odds are only shown on special screens or on the internet. Bets marked with "HT" are only offered during the half-time break.
    2. Once Tipico has received a bet and the AAMS accepted it, it can no longer be cancelled.
    3. If data transmission is delayed and/or TV reporting is time-delayed during live bets, resulting in a major change in the run of play not being taken into account in the odds, AAMS will stop the acceptance of the bets until the data transmission and/or TV reporting is guaranteed.
    4. For every live bet, the current result/latest score is always quoted. If the latest score quoted is significantly incorrect, Tipico will comply with AAMS central system decision as to bet invalidity.
    5. The rules contained in this paragraph apply to all live bets.

X. Betting markets

  1. Tipico offers a number of betting markets for sporting event that are always displayed in the up-to-date form of the website. It is generally prohibited to bet on different betting markets for one sporting event in a combination bet (e.g. Bayern Munchen wins and Bayern Munchen is to score).

XI. Sports


There are specific betting offers and rating criteria for every sport. The following lists the most popular and most frequently offered sports. Tipico also offers odds for different types of sport (e.g. boxing) depending on the type and schedule of events as established by the AAMS and offered by Tipico. For the sports not listed customers are required to take note of the AAMS Betting Rules

  1. Football / Soccer
    The majority of bets offered on all soccer matches are based on the score at the end of normal playing time. The term ‘normal playing time’ refers to a 90-minute match or match time plus the time added by the referee for stoppages but not possible extra time or penalty shoot-outs. However, some bet types are evaluated under specific conditions. Please click here for more information. If the match is played on neutral ground the team listed on the left is the home team and the team listed on the right is the away team.
  2. Ice Hockey
    Unless expressly stated to the contrary in the AAMS Betting Rules, bets offered on all ice hockey matches are based on the score at the end of normal playing time. The term ‘normal playing time’ refers to a 60-minute match or match time plus the time added by the referee for stoppages but not possible extra time or penalties etc. Match Result: This consists in predicting the outcome of the match at the end of regulation time. Under / Over: This consists in predicting the total number of goals scored at the end of the match including overtime and penalty shoot-out. Head to head: This consists in predicting the winner of the match at the end of any overtime and penalty shoot outs.
  3. American Sports (NFL; NBA; WNBA; MLB)
    Unless expressly stated to the contrary, bets offered on American Sports are based on the score at the end of normal playing time including overtime. This does not include the American Soccer League (MSL) and the National Hockey League (NHL), which are based on the score at the end of normal playing time.
  4. Tennis
    Salvo laddove diversamente indicato dall'AAMS, tutte le scommesse sono valide dopo che è stata giocata la prima palla. Qualora un giocatore si ritiri dalla partita o quest’ultima sia interrotta (infortunio, ritiro, squalifica) dopo che è stata giocata almeno una palla, la scommessa è dichiarata persa. Tale condizione non si applica alle scommesse già valutate (per esempio vincente set, vincente game, scommesse Over/Under). Nel caso in cui una partita risulta interrotta o spostata, la scommessa rimane valida fino alla fine del torneo finchè la partita verrà giocata, come affermano le regole dell'AAMS. Se la partita non fa parte di un torneo, questa verrà valutata come non valida fino a quando non verrà giocata o continuata in tre giorni di tempo.
  5. Basketball
    Unless expressly stated to the contrary, all possibilities of betting offered on basketball shall relate to the result after the normal playing period. Under certain circumstances, Tipico also offers odds on a draw (X) for the "tip" type of bet. In such a case, the result after the playing period including possible overtimes shall count. Head to head: this consists in predicting the winner of the match including any overtime. Head to head Handicap: this consists in predicting the team that will win the match after the handicap spread has been applied to the actual score including any overtime. Under / Over: this consists in predicting whether the total points scored in the match, excluding overtime, will be over or under a specified figure.

XII. Complaints

  1. Tipico will endeavour to make a player’s experience with an enjoyable one. However, there may be occasions where a player may feel dissatisfied with the quality of Tipico’s product/s or of its customer service. A player may raise a complaint by addressing an e-mail to Tipico’s Customer Service at The complaint will be escalated to management and Tipico endeavours to handle it within 48 hours of receipt. A complaint can be made precisely and with all the information necessary to identify the problem (gaming site, commitment not respected, date on which the problem occurred…) and facilitating the analysis of that reported with information about the player reporting the problem in the event a response is desired.
  2. Should the customer not be satisfied with the way his complaint-feedback was resolved or handled he may escalate directly to the AAMS authority according to the Service chart by using the attached form at the AAMS site under the “Gaming” section.

Version 3.2
Date of issue 20.02.2014

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